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Ford_K_1907_f3q.JPG (98366 bytes)Maybe the Model K was a failure, but this roadster version still makes a pretty picture. It was clearly aimed at the American sports car market.
The Model K was produced from 1906 till 1908, and 900 of them were made which makes "failure" kind of a relative verdict for this model. It was more so that sales didn't match up to the expectations rather than it was a poor seller.

Ford_K_1907_r3q.JPG (93913 bytes)This angle shows the odd third seat behind the front seats, a feature that more Ford roadster models showed in those years. Also notice the extremely long steering column protruding into the interior. That must have been a safety hazard, imagine what would happen to the chest of the driver of this car in a frontal collision...

Ford_N_1906.JPG (95898 bytes)Also in 1906 the new Model N was introduced, the car that replaced the Model A, C and F series. It was to become a big success, with 7000 of these cars built between 1906 and 1908. The Model N was small and nimble, easy to drive and affordable at a price of $500, half of the price of the model F.
Most Models N were sold with two-seater "runabout" bodywork, like you see on the picture. These cars had rudimentary fenders without splash aprons or running boards.   Some Models N had special bodywork of varying types.

Ford_N_1907.JPG (98696 bytes)The Model N showed signs of the things to come and lead the way to the Model T. It was fitted with a 4-cylinder in-line unit that cranked out 15 HP, an engine much more modern that the old flat twin. The engine was placed in front and the rear wheels were driven by a shaft. Below the crank starter you see the water pump in the radiator. Wheelbase of this model was the same 84 inches/213 cm as the old Model F.
The Model N was real basic transport, without much luxuries. Gas headlights (not shown on this picture) and the convertible top were extras. But the car was rugged and practical and established Ford as a manufacturer of dependable, inexpensive cars for a broad market.

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