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Fiat Dino 2000 Coupé 1967 - 1969

1967_Fiat_Dino_2000_coupeAt the 1967 Geneva Motor Show a coupe version of the Fiat Dino was presented. This time the body was designed and built by Bertone, another acclaimed Italian coachbuilder.
It featured a totally different styling from the spider, more angular and with crisper lines. The coupe was more practical with room to seat four adults, a luxurious trim level and a well laid-out interior. The car conveyed elegance and style rather then youthful sportiness.
The red car on this picture is one of the first series of coupes, built in 1967 and has chassis number 167.

1968_Fiat_Dino_2000_coupeThe Dino coupe was fitted with the same 2-litre engine as the spider, but its wheelbase was enlarged by 27 centimeters to make it a four-seater. A remarkable aspect of its design was that the roofline offered enough headroom in the back without making the car look ill-proportioned.
As standard modern luxury items like power windows, separately folding rear seats and speed-dependent rear window breathers (opening and closing automatically depending on the speed of the car) were fitted. It had a very complete and impressive looking dashboard with wood finishing and lots of dials and switches. The seats and interior panels were upholstered with leather. Even without driving this car you know you're in something special...

1968_Fiat_Dino_2000_coupeThe coupe weighed more than the spider: 1280 kg against 1150 kg for the spider. Still the maximum speed of the coupe was stated equal to that of the spider (210 kph), although the Ferrari V6 unit produced the same 160 hp @ 7500 rpm in both cars. The measurements of the coupe were 451 x 170 x 129 cm (length x width x height), quit a big car also though it doesn't appear like that. Another neat design trick by Bertone.
The coupe sold a lot better than the spider: between 1967 and 1969 3670 Dino coupes were produced, which was quite successful for an exotic car like this. It was priced quite similar to the spider (slightly cheaper).

I rather like this car. It's very well designed with a slightly understated look but with lots of elegance and some voluptuous lines. Even though the Dino coupe isn't rare lot's of people don't recognize it and since only recently interest in this model is picking up (slowly). Current value of this model is modest: less than half of that of the spider. It's very affordable, but remember: it has very sensitive mechanics and parts can be hard to come by.

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