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Lancia Coupés & Convertibles: the Appia coupé

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1959_Lancia_Appia_S3_coupe_PininfarinaThe second series Appia coupe was immediately replaced by a third series (S3) coupe. It looked very similar to the S2 coupe, but there were differences; most notable were the new, larger rear light clusters which lost their angular shape. Starting in early 1960 side indicator lights were added to the front fenders following new regulations.
Underneath the body the (modest) mechanical upgrades were the same as in the third series berlina. The engine now had a Solex carburettor which replaced the Weber from the previous series and a battery with a higher capacity was fitted. Measurements, performance and weight were more or less identical to that the previous series; the engine now offered 54 hp @ 5200 rpm, 6 hp more than in the berlina. The most important change was that the production of the rolling chassis was no longer limited.

1962_Lancia_Appia_S3_coupe_ViottiNow the Appia chassis was better available the demand for the coupe was raised. Pininfarina did not have the capacity to meet this demand so the production of the coupe was outsourced to Carrozzeria Viotti, which already made the Giardinetta station car version of the Appia. The Viotti coupes were nearly identical to the ones made by Pininfarina but, obviously, lacked the Pininfarina emblem on the front fenders.

1961_Lancia_Appia_S3_coupe_ViottiThe interior of the Appia coupe was more traditional than the exterior. Three big clocks provided the driver with all the necessary information and dominated the simple dashboard. All Appia coupes featured left hand steering and floor mounted gear levers, where the berlinas had gear levers mounted on the steering column. Also the Appia coupe had separate front seats as opposed to the bench seats in the berlinas.

1961_Lancia_Appia_S3_coupe_ViottiFrom May 1960 the power output of the engine of the Appia S3 coupe was raised to 60 hp @ 5400 rpm but this did not do much for the performance of the car: the maximum speed was increased with 3 kph to 146 kph. Also in 1960 the S3 coupe was fitted with a dual brake circuit.
The production of the Appia coupe ended in march 1963 after 1087 had been made. Pininfarina initially produced 302 coupes, and Viotti took over with ultimately 785 coupes. For a coachbuilt car that was quite successful although it is questionable if it ever made any profit for Lancia. The endearing coupe with its remarkable roof never had any sporting ambitions nor was it a grand tourer. It was meant to be attractive and render a stylish and fashionable image to the Appia, and that's what it did.
Currently the Appia coupe isn't particularly valuable though it is relatively rare. The third series Appia coupes made after 1960 are the best though the early second series coupes are more special and hard to find. As a classic car it's loved by those who fall for its unique style.

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