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Zandvoort Masters 1999:

The Marlboro Masters of Formula 3, Qualifying Race

F3PQ_Slide1.jpg (49331 bytes)The Masters of Formula 3 may be a invitational race, but the drivers still have to qualify. There were about 50 entrants this year but only 33 could start in the Masters race on Sunday.
Qualifying for the Masters goes in two stages: first off the drivers can qualify in timed practice sessions. The drivers are split over two separate sessions: one half is competing for the first fifteen places on the left row in one session and the other half for the first fifteen places on the right row in the other session. Those that didn't make the first fifteen places in their session are given a second chance in the qualifying race on Saturday. The drivers finishing in the first three places in this qualifying race are allowed to start in the Masters race on the following Sunday from the last three places on the grid.
As usual this year's qualifying race saw some frantic driving. The weather condition during this race was relatively dry and all drivers gave it their best.

F3PQ_Slide2.jpg (32670 bytes)Here you see Fulvio Cavicchi from Italy oversteering and sliding out of the bend. In the picture above you can just see the start of this slide in the upper left-hand corner. Cavicchi managed to get out of his predicament and finished 14th and last.

F3PQ_Treluyer&Zadotti.jpg (25896 bytes)The Dallaras of Benoit Treluyer (#27) and Filippo Zadotti (#41) cornering a bend side by side. The race provided close racing at his best. Unfortunately Zadotti stranded in lap 5 of 10 while Treluyer went on to finish in 10th.

Dallara_F399-Beltoise_F3pq.jpg (31243 bytes)The winner of the qualifying race was Julien Beltoise, son of the famous French F 1 driver. Second place was for Beltoise's teammate Sebastien Dumez and third for Juan Manuel Lopez, both driving Dallaras. These three drivers went on to compete for the Master of Formula 3 title.

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