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Zandvoort Masters 1999:

The Marlboro Masters of Formula 3

F3_Group_14.jpg (45340 bytes)Here you see the gap between 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place in latter stages of the race. Thomas Mutsch is driving out of the Renault bend, followed by Etienne van de Linde, Christijan Albers and Jenson Button somewhat further behind. First place man Marc Hynes was about 2 seconds in front of this group.
Although the first 3 cars were never far apart there were no changes in the top 3 for the whole 20 lap race.

Dallara_F399_Albers.jpg (42521 bytes)Christijan Albers was the Dutch hope for victory in this race, although he was out-qualified by Walter van Lent. Albers started from 5th place on the grid (as 3rd fastest in his qualifying group, just as Van Lent) and according to him passing was virtually impossible. The handling of his car wasn't optimal (understeer) and later on in the race his tires lost grip. Still Albers, the 1999 German F 3 Championship winner, finished a creditable 4th.

Dallara_F399_vdLinde.jpg (33886 bytes)Third place was for South African Etienne van de Linde in his Van Amersfoort Racing entered Dallara-Opel.

Dallara_F399_Mutsch.jpg (33333 bytes)Van de Linde's teammate Thomas Mutsch from Germany took home the cup for 2nd place. He and Van de Linde started from the front row of the grid but got passed by Marc Hynes before the first corner of the race.

Dallara_F399_Hynes.jpg (32566 bytes)The race winner Marc Hynes from Great Britain dominated the Masters of Formula 3 in his Manor Motorsport Dallara-Honda right from the start. This leading British F 3 Championship driver had a better start from third place than the Van Amersfoort Racing Dallara-Opels in the places in front of him, beating them into the first corner.
After the start Hynes spared his tires but still managed to open up a gap to second place, allowing him to control the race. Hynes enjoyed his victory very much, stating that the Zandvoort Masters of Formula 3 was his favorite race with great public and atmosphere.

All in all it had been an enjoyable race. Not much happened at the front, but the action further down the field was interesting enough to keep everybody amused. The designers hoped that the new Zandvoort track allowed more overtaking, but that proved not to be the case. Although the track is wide enough the ideal race line is rather critical; any deviations from that line caused loss of speed and time and that obstructed overtaking in the more technically equal racing classes like Formula 3.

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