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1966 Pontiac model range: the Tempest

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1966_Pontiac_Tempest_CustomCheapest Pontiac offering in Europe was the Tempest Custom, only available as a hardtop sedan like is shown on the picture. It wasn't very popular amongst the European customers, they rather opted for the more representative Le Mans version.
A single engine option was offered for the Tempest Custom: the new high revving and sophisticated straight 6 cylinder 3770 cc engine, producing 167 hp @ 4700 rpm. and giving the car a top speed of approximately 175 kph.

1966_Pontiac_Tempest_Custom_interior 1966_Pontiac_Tempest_Le_Mans_interior
Interior view of the Pontiac Tempest Custom Interior view of the Pontiac Tempest Le Mans

The pictures above give you an impression of the difference in equipment levels between the Tempest and the Le Mans range. In the U.S.A. an even more basic version was available, called just Tempest. The Tempest Custom was already a bit more upmarket. The Tempest Custom featured a synchronized 3-speed manual transmission where the Le Mans had a 4-speed transmission. Automatic transmissions were only available on cars fitted with 8 cylinder engines.

1966_Pontiac_Tempest_Le_Mans_SedanAgain the Le Mans hardtop sedan, but now a recent picture of a model fitted with the "326 cid V8" engine. The range of available engines in the Le Mans models started with the standard 167 hp straight 6; then there was the "sprint" version of that engine that produced 210 hp @ a very sporty 5200 rpm and the range was topped by a V8 with 5340 cc displacement, producing 253 hp @ 4600 rpm.
Compared to most other American engines the engines fitted in the Tempest range were lively and responsive and had a more European "feel" to them. The modern straight 6 overhead camshaft engines were an idea of DeLorean himself, but unpopular in the US. After DeLorean left Pontiac in 1969 the production of these engines was stopped.

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