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1966 Pontiac model range: the Grand Prix

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Top of the Pontiac line in the full-size range both in the US and abroad was the Grand Prix model. It was the only US-built big Pontiac that was directly available in Europe. Like the Grande Parisienne it only came in one body style, a hardtop coupe. It was the most stylish, most luxurious and most expensive car Pontiac had to offer and the company advertised it as an "instant classic". The Grand Prix carried the flag of Pontiac's flamboyant and bold image which was stressed by the classic drawing by artists Arthur Fitzpatrick and Van Kaufman that you see above.
Why there were two quite similar full-size luxury coupes in the Pontiac export range is unclear. I guess the Pontiac management wanted to show off their flagship abroad for image reasons, but didn't expect to actually sell them. They probably saw more commercial opportunities for the slightly cheaper Grande Parisienne. Ultimately neither one sold very well in Europe, but nowadays you're far more likely to see an original American Grand Prix in the classic car scene than a Grande Parisienne.

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