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AutoRAI 1999: the concept cars:

CitroŽn & Daewoo

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Citroen_C3_front.jpg (47749 bytes)This car was introduced as the future 2CV of CitroŽn at the Paris car show in 1998. CitroŽn claims a car like this will go into production in around 2002.
In appearance it has nothing to do with the still much loved 2CV (or "ugly duckling" as it is nicknamed in Holland). It's a nice looking but a bit run-of-the-mill futuristic design of a four person car. The link with the original 2CV is supposedly the rounded roof line and its affordability

Citroen_C3_int.jpg (54911 bytes)The most remarkable design features of the C3 are the dashboard (a very flat and almost empty surface) and the "folding" rear door. The large rear door has a horizontal hinge in the middle on which the door folds down when opening it. This way a lot less height is needed when opening the door in garages and it is also easier to close it because you don't have to reach very high. A very practical invention.
All four chairs have an integrated seatbelt and are separately adjustable in linear direction. Car measurements are: length 376 cm, width 173 cm and height 162 cm.

Daewoo_Mya_front.jpg (40911 bytes)The Daewoo Mya is very clearly aimed at improving the image of the Korean manufacturer. Daewoo says that it's a study for a 2+2 coupť model, but given the current market situation of Daewoo that's not very realistic. Never the less the Mya is an elegant, albeit unpractical, design that gives an interesting example of what designs Daewoo is capable off. The current car designs of Daewoo all originate from Italian designers (I.DE.A and Ital Design), maybe the Mya is an exercise in the education of an in-factory design team.

Daewoo_Mya_rear.jpg (47436 bytes)The doors look spectacular but don't seem to give much room for boarding the car. Also the interior looked a bit cramped. It's a good exercise, but not perfect...
It will be interesting to see if we'll ever find something of this study in the regular Daewoo cars. They could do with a bit more excitement.

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